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War at Home

Each day 22 U.S. military veterans take their own life. In fact, suicide—not war—is now the leading cause of death in the military. But no one knows about it. So we took famed war photographer, David Guttenfelder, to the front lines of our deadliest battlefields: the living rooms, bedrooms, backyards and garages where our vets are dying.






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The project took us 5,500 miles across America as we met with families who lost loved ones in the War at Home. We documented the journey and turned it into a digital experience at Mission22.com.


We made billboards that ran in the hometowns of the vets featured in the artwork.


Civilians were asked to CLAIM A 22 and share it using social media. Each 22 helps raise awareness while also letting our vets know they have an army behind them.


The campaign has generated millions of media impressions. It’s been picked up by media outlets like Nat Geo, Time, BBC World Service, PRI, and Fast Co. Most importantly, the U.S. now is talking about the War at Home and our veterans are finding the hope and encouragement they need to get well.


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