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Slicing Up Freshness

Arby's is the only fast-food sandwich shop that freshly slices its meat. But these days, everyone claims to be "fresh."  So how do get get credit for fresh-slicing, discovering fresh food pairings, and a fresh approach to value in the fast-food category? We decided to send New York City's toughest and most-celebrated detective, Bo Dietl, on a one-year journey to uncover the truth about freshness.




He discovered that their approach to freshness helps Arby's Rueben goes toe-to-toe with New York City's best.


He even went on a long journey to Alaska to witness where does Arby's catch their fish.


By observing people's reactions, he learned how good the new Gyro from Arby's really was.


And he proved that fresh pairings help Arby's sandwiches stand up to the toughest critics.


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